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LTCA Staff

Our Dedicated Staff will truly inspire your child to become the best cheerleading they can be. Our Staff will put lots of effort to help your child advance their tumbling skills and cheerleading techniques.

 Our coaches are WORLDWIDE and NATIONALLY KNOWN for amazing teaching abilities. They have traveled across the world and around nation choreographing routines, teaching cheerleading, and gymnastics safety.


Just a few places our coaches have traveled:








and many more....


Our Staff is also USASF certified for coaching and judging.

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Owner Former LSU Varsity cheerleader

 United States All-Star federation (USASF) Saftey Certified  Levels 1-5 

Coach of the Tiger Elite Fierce 5 &  Big Catz Open 6


Director of Hotel & Travel and Office Manager


Lance Sawyer


All-Star Coach and Manager of Tiger Elite Slidell



Lance was born in Greenville, SC and raised in Virginia Beach, VA

1996 High School All-American Cheerleader

1996 – 1997 Member of the Tallwood High School Varsity Cheerleading Squad, Virginia Beach VA

1997 – 2001 Member and Captain of Lee University Cheerleading Squad, Cleveland, TN

2000 – 2003 Head Instructor and All-star Coach for United Cheerleading Blue Devils, Chattanooga, TN

2001 - 2006 Head Instructor for United Cheerleading summer camp company

2003 – 2004 Member of the NCA National Champions Hawaii Pacific University Cheerleading Squad

2004 – 2007 Manager for United Cheerleading, Cleveland TN

2006 – 2009 Former cheerleading competition coordinator for various companies

2009 – 2010 All-star coach for the United Blue Devils, Chattanooga TN

2010 -2011 Former member of the Rah! Spirit “Ice Age” Open Team

2010 – 2011 Head instructor and All-star coach Rah Spirit, Chattanooga, TN

Lance has years of cheerleading and judging experience. The Tiger Elite Family is pleased to have him.




I have been coaching and choreographing routines for Tiger Elite since 2003, and I have gained a wealth of knowledge in that time. I was a competive gymanst from 1991-1998. I started cheering because I was at competition with a cousin that was cheering for New Orleans Outlaws, and someone became injured. So I filled in and fell in love with the sport. While cheering for Outlaws, I became a 3 time WCA Team America Indiviual Champion. My senior year of high school I became the male individual champion at Athletic Championships in Chattanooga, TN. In 2002, I started cheering for Tulane University, and in 2003, I started cheering for the Tiger Elite Open Team. I have since retired from cheering, but I am now functioning as the All Star Director of Tiger Elite. I am also now coaching Pink Panthers, Sabers and FIERCE 5. I am currently USASF certified in every level, 1-5.
My Tiger Elite experience has allowed me to grow as a motivator and as a coach. I believe in the ability of every athlete that is cheering for Tiger Elite. My goal is to create as much talent as possible for the best outcome.



Tumbling Coach

Member of the Tiger Elite Open Team

1988-2000- Gymnast at YMCA and Riverbend

2001- Coach for Men's Gymnastics at YMCA

2002-Coach For Women's Gymnastics at Ivanov's

2002-present- Tumbling Instructor at LTCA


Martin Reyes

I have been coaching at Tiger Elite since graduating from Rummel High School where I cheered until 2006. I started cheering of Tiger Elite on the Senior Large Coed team in 2004 until 2007. After graduation, I cheered for Southeastern University from 2006-2008. I also have cheered for Tiger Elite internationally in Japan. I am currently USASF certified in levels 1-5. I am 1 of 2 head instructors in the Slidell location. I currently the Worlds team, Fierce 5, Lady Catz, Lady Leopards, and Code Black.



I came to the Tiger Elite Senior Coed team in 2008, and I have been coaching at Tiger Elite since this time. I also cheered for Holy Cross High School from 2005-2008. I also cheered on the Tiger Elite Open Level 6 team, the Big Catz. I am currently the coach the Youth Level 1 team in Slidell, and I am the coach of the Senior Level 3 team in Harahan. I love how creative cheerleading can be!!!


Jonathan Gort

Tumbling Instructor and Coach The Tiger Elite Mini's

2005 - 2007 Tumbling Instructor at Ivano's Gymnastics

2001 - 2004 member of the National Champion Jr. Coed Squad

2005 - 2009 member of the Sr. Coed Team

2008 - present member of the Open coed team

Currently, I am coaching our mini level 1, small junior level 4 and our restricted coed level 5. I am also a head tumbling instructor. I am USASF certified levels 1-5. As a former athlete of Tiger Elite, I really pride myself on making sure that all of athletes are performing at their fullest potential.


Amber McTee

I was a competitive gymnast before I cheered competitively. Through high school I competed on Teal for Charlotte Allstars. I then  moved on to cheering games and competitively cheering at Liberty University for 5 years. I worked for Cheersport for 5 years during college and had the chance to travel across the country doing camps and choreography. After graduating, my husband and I owned Xtreme Athletics, an all-star cheerleading gym in Virginia for 6 years. During this time, I began judging for CCA, Champion, and Cheersport. I still currently judge Cheersport Grand Championships and Nationals. After having our daughter, we moved back to North Carolina where I coached for Charlotte Allstars for 3 years. We have since relocated to New Orleans where I have now coached for two years at Tiger Elite. With over 16 years of experience in the all star industry, I offer a wealth of knowleadge to all of my athletes.


Chris Gonzalez

Riverdale Cheerleader 2003

Tulane Cheerleader 2004-2008

Tumble Instructor Elwood Galaxy 2003

Tiger Elite Tumble Instructor & Cheer Coach 2004-Present

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